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Medical Education Conferences in the UK

“Of the physician’s character, the chief quality is humanity, the sensibility of heart which makes us feel for the distress of our fellow-creatures” (John Gregory, 18th Century Scottish physician).

Masterclass: a crash course in dealing with stress

Sechenov First MSMU hosted the training workshop "Partnership in education. Facilitation of relationships between students and teachers" starring Max Schupbach (Ph D., USA, clinical supervisor) and Nadezhda Tvorogova (Doctor of Psychology, professor, psychotherapist, Head of the Department of Pedagogics and Medical Psychology).

The First Med discussions: how to refine the healthcare system

The Federal Methodological Center for Accreditation of Doctors under Sechenov First MSMU gathered the health system professionals keen to discuss the section "Healthcare" within the pre-election program of the "United Russia" party.

The Academic Council approved the development strategy

Sechenov FMSMU Academic Council sums up the academic year in the Congress Centre of R&D Center. The development strategy of the University, departments and reports on internal grants are also on agenda.

Sechenov Medical University joined the world best universities rankings

Sechenov Medical University joined the Times Higher Education World University Rankings with the 13th position among the 24 Russian higher educational institutions included in the ranking.

Leading international experts highly appreciated the innovative  development of Sechenov University

The meeting of the International Advisory Council (IAC) took place at a leading medical University of the country - the First Moscow State Medical University.

A trip to Slovenia

The June trip of faculty staff to Slovenia consisted in meeting with international UDINE-C Group, dedicated to contemporary problems of nursing in the world, attended by representatives (professors and lecturers) 46 US and European universities (Great Britain, Austria, Slovenia, Iceland, Serbia, etc.).

Head of academic writing office appointed editor of  Prestigious british journal

Jonathan McFarland, the Head of the Academic Writing Office at Sechenov Medical University has just been made the new Associate Editor for the Medical Humanities Section of the Arts and Humanities in Higher Education blog. The journal is a prestigious, International and peer reviewed journal that publishes articles, reviews and scholarly comment relating to the arts and humanities in higher education.

The vector’s right (proved by Webometrics)

Sechenov First MSMU for the last 6 months has hi-pinged in the national ranking of universities from 100 to 63 place, as well as in global ranking by 225 positions - from 4139 to 3914 line of 25,000 universities worldwide.

Toxicology and forensic doctors were lectured on biomonitoring in advanced way

On June 27, Prof. Dr. Aristides Tsatsakis, the leading European specialist in toxicology, chief editor of The Open Forensic Science Journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology (Elsevier) delivered his lecture in the International School of Personalized and Translational Medicine under Sechenov First MSMU (Sechenov University).

The doctors of the future are being trained right now

All keen to be trained are welcome at the brand new FMSMU proprietary educational program to be launched in 2016 aimed at training medical researchers to become the core staff of the future national healthcare reforms, and successive competitors for the graduates of leading educational centers throughout the world.

Establishing international scientific and educational labs

At present, the shortlist for the contest of projects on scientific and educational laboratories is being considered by the expert commission.
This open competition of research projects is being held within the national academic excellence Project 5-100.

July Externship

Twenty two students (twelve medical students, six students in Dental Medicine and four students in Pharmacy) have undergone their summer internship at the training and clinical facilities of Medical University-Varna. For two weeks interns trained at the academic and clinical facilities, under the direct supervision and guidance of leading professors in their respective fields.

Let’s be CORRECT in English academic writing!

First MSMU launches the Office of Academic Writing. How do you set about formatting a scientific text in English? Who can help to prepare a speech for international conference? Now, this kind of professional assistance is available for the FMSMU academic staff.

Sechenovsky scientists shared experiences with Chinese counterparts

Our delegation of the Department of Preventive and Emergency Cardiology under the Institute of Vocational Education has participated in three major international events: Second Sino-Russian Conference of Young Scientists on Heart Diseases, Eighth Sino-Russian Conference on Medicine and Pharmacology, Sixth Sino-Russian Conference on Heart Disease in the Cold Climatic Zone.

It’s never too late to do good deeds

The Pain-free Childhood Territory initiative urged the Foreign Student Council (FSC) to round the academic year off with a charity event.

谢切诺夫第一次莫斯科国立医科大学Dr. A.V Lyundup PhD, MD (泌尿科大夫, UroNephrology 研究研究所和生殖健康副主任)和 Butnaru D.V博士(生物医学研究系分子中心再生医学研究实验室主任)于2016 年 7 月 1 至7 日访问了中国重庆。

谢切诺夫第一次莫斯科国立医科大学Dr. A.V Lyundup PhD, MD (泌尿科大夫, UroNephrology 研究研究所和生殖健康副主任)和 Butnaru D.V博士(生物医学研究系分子中心再生医学研究实验室主任)于2016 年 7 月 1 至7 日访问了中国重庆。


COMET held its 14th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on COMMUNICATION, MEDICINE AND ETHICS at Aalborg University in Denmark. This is one of the most important world conferences dedicated to Medicine, Communication and the Humanities in Medicine.

Sechenovsky scientists flashed in the UK

June 27-29, 2016. The University of Coventry (UK) hosted the international conference on sports for the disabled. The event spotlighted a wide range of problems related to social, medical and psychological aspects of adaptive sports.

Personalized approach: what’s the difference between the brains of individuals different in body-build

Sechenovsky University cooperates with lots of leading scientific and educational centers worldwide. Major international events admire the achievements of Russian science and medicine. Being in Harbin, Prof. Vladimir Nikolenko of First MSMU delivered the report, which aroused great interest among expert neurosurgeons.

Colour the world!

June 29, July 1, 2016. These two days of uproaring solemn graduation events for foreign students of the University will be never forgotten. In 2016, Sechenov First MSMU graduated 229 international students from 27 countries. These are the young doctors and pharmacists from Azerbaijan (25), Armenia (2), Belarus (3), Vietnam (4), Ghana (3), Malaysia (125), Kazakhstan (3), China (7), Morocco (9), Syria (10) and other countries.

The best practices: how to recruit and train talented students

June 7. During the second day of the Project 5-100 event the issues of students and entrants were covered all-round: involvement in research activities, structuring the environment for leadership and integration into scientific community, international students recruiting etc.

Another Russian academic unit is set up

The establishment of new academic unit has been finally reinforced by the agreement signed by Rectors of Kazan (Volga) Federal University and Sechenov First MSMU at the Project 5-100 Seminar-Conference.

The contest of three-year projects for creation of scientific and educational laboratories is open

An open contest (hereinafter – the Contest) of scientific projects in order to create scientific and educational laboratories in the State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia” (SBEI HPE I.M. Sechenov First MSMU of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia) is held in the framework of implementation of the Project to improve the competitiveness of the University (hereinafter the Project 5-100).

“Research should be written and discussed in English”

On Tuesday 21st June an important event took place at the Uronephrology Research Institute at Sechenov Medical University. The university has recently signed and become a member of the 5-100 project. The project fosters an “English Speaking Environment” as one of its principal aims.

The Second Plenary Session of the Project 5-100 Seminar-Conference

The first day of the Seminar-Conference of Project 5-100 featured two plenary sessions on the best practices by Sechenov First MGMU. At the first meeting the Rector, Petr Glybochko delivered the keynote address scrutinizing his state-of-the-art model of continuous medical education "School-University-Clinic", embedding information technologies in the collegiate management processes and polylingual education, which literally stole the show.

XVI Project 5-100 Seminar-Conference: results and prospects

The Project 5-100 results for the first three years and plans for 2016 were highlighted in the report delivered by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Alexander Povalko. He recalled that on May 19 there was a meeting of the Russian Government dedicated to improvement of national collegiate competitiveness.

Sechenov First MSMU welcomes its Project 5-100 mates

Today, on the 6th of June, the Project 5-100 Conference brought together the representatives of all participating universities, tutors, young scientists, students to share the best practices, which ensure winning the highest positions in the international scientific and educational rankings.

 Student community is the best investment destination

Rector Petr Glybochko have just inspected the renovated student dormitory of the University in Izmailovo borough. On September 1 all those guys would hardly recognize their old sweet home, being stunned with spacious kitchens, new furniture, laundry, gym… But this is not the end of the story. All conditions for comfortable life and successful study are well ensured.

Worthy rivals – honorable rank

The result of the National University rankings for 2016 is unveiled. Sechenov First MSMU shares with National Research Technological University MISA 21-22 grades.

The FMSMU nephrologists looked fairly imposing at the European Congress in Vienna

On May 21-24 the Austrian capital hosted the 53 Congress of the European Association of Nephrology and the European Dialysis and Transplant Association (ERA-EDTA).

First MSMU and the World Health Organization: lingering mutual workshopping

May 30, 2016. The intensive workshop patronized by the World Health Organization (WHO) on law awareness and capacity-building in legal issues and non-communicable diseases was inaugurated in the First MSMU Museum of Medicine History.

Work performance and timing above all!

The FMSMU Rector Petr Glybochko inspected the construction site of the new University dorm in Ochakovo district. The new building is planned to be commissioned in late 2016. In 2017, students will be allowed into this new hostel.

You’re not alone!

Today the world is celebrating the Children's Day. For the University Children's Hospital staff and the parents of our infant patients the protection of children is everyday life. Together we fight for recovery and know for sure: childhood goes on despite all troubles.

Honorary Professor is not an emeritus

The title of Honorary Professor of Sechenov First MSMU is conferred on professor, Fellow of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS) Edward Halperin MD.

Grants to universities are the key to national academic excellence

May 23, 2016. The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree as of May 19, 2016 № 960-p “On the distribution of subsidies among leading Russian universities for the purpose of enhancing their competitive status among global research and education centers”, which was reviewed and approved at the meeting of the RF Government. During 2016, in line with the national program "Development of Education", the 21 universities participating in Project 5-100 are subject to targeted financing of 10.927 billion rubles from the federal budget.

Emergency management medicine to the rescue

All-Russian open congress “Emergency management medicine. Contemporary traumatology and orthopedics techniques, education and training of physicians" was held at the University Clinical Hospital № 1 under Sechenov First MSMU on May 23-24.

International School to benchmark educational and HR continuum in healthcare

First MSMU has initiated international network educational consortium aimed at phased introduction of predictive and preventive healthcare practices, personalized and translational medicine philosophy and policies.

The Long Night came over the Museum of Medicine History

On May 21 First MSMU underwent a perfect intervention of much eager and inquisitive visitors. Such a rush occured due to coming long-awaited Long Night of Museums, the global enlightenment event spreading over 120 cities throughout Europe, as well as elsewhere all over the world.


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