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Dear colleagues and friends!

I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University is the oldest leading medical university in Russia that has become a cradle of most medical schools and scientific societies of our country. For decades it has been unofficially known as “First Med”.

University success is based on a blend of glorious traditions and actual innovative approaches multiplied by a great potential of human resources. We are proud to be a unique educational, scientific and medical complex that graduates, certifies and provides lifelong professional education for physicians and other healthcare workers; that contributes significantly to the domestic and global medicine. The University is closely linked to the fundamental and applied research, highly efficient medical treatment, and propaganda of medical and pharmaceutical achievements.

Our University is rich with knowledge and experience that is generously transferred to our students, to those whose mission will be to face the challenges of the 21st century in the field of medicine and people aiding, to implement new methods and technologies in healthcare.

Petr V. Glybochko

International School to benchmark educational and HR continuum in healthcare

First MSMU has initiated international network educational consortium aimed at phased introduction of predictive and preventive healthcare practices, personalized and translational medicine philosophy and policies.

The Long Night came over the Museum of Medicine History

On May 21 First MSMU underwent a perfect intervention of much eager and inquisitive visitors. Such a rush occured due to coming long-awaited Long Night of Museums, the global enlightenment event spreading over 120 cities throughout Europe, as well as elsewhere all over the world.

WINTER SCHOOL 2016. Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities

The ASRMU Winter School-2016" was held in Sochi, Russia from the 10th till the 16th of April 2016 within the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities (ASRMU)...

The urologists have deduced the formula of perfection

May 20, 2016 Sechenov First MSMU hosted the Russian-Italian conference: "Simplicity as the highest degree of perfection. Modern technologies in prostate and kidney surgery".

Scientific activities and publication diligence on the agenda

May 18. The Conference Hall of the University Clinical Hospital №1 hosted the Scientific Council of the Research Center and the Scientific Research Institute under Sechenov First MSMU. The event chaired by the Vice-rector for Science Sergei Shevchenko was dedicated to current progress of scientific research and publication diligence of the University academic staff.

Sechenov Precollege is setting trends and standards

May 19. Grand opening of Sechenov Medical Precollege for Moscow senior schoolchildren has finally occurred. Vocational training here will be conducted according to the "New School 2020" standard.

In parallel with the Aussie highway

Sechenov First MSMU seeks to establish close cooperation along with its own strategic development and modernization, as well as deep involvement in further updating of national education and healthcare sectors. The experience to be exchanged in terms or international collegiate collaboration is the matter of great importance, especially for establishments of higher medical education facing the current innovative challenges.

"Zvenigorod" resort under FMSMU or A hub to rehab in Moscow Switzerland

May 18. The Rector made his round all over the Ministry of Health "Zvenigorod" sanatorium, which is to be transferred on books of the FMSMU Clinical Center since July 1, 2016, thereby creating a unique realm of post-operative treatment and rehabilitation. At the moment, the necessary documentation is being framed.

Medical Spring ‘2016 or Scientists in the shorts

May 11, 2016. Sechenov First MSMU venues housed the annual all-Russian open scientific-practical student conference Medicine Spring ‘2016.

Czech MPs to First MSMU …Just on business

Delegation of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament has just visited Sechenov First MSMU. Beside the negotiations with the University’s top management our Czech guests, representing the parliamentary Health Committee, had a guided tour over FMSMU in-house hospitals.

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