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Встреча сотрудничащих центров ВОЗ в Европе

Meeting of WHO Collaborating Centres on HRH
in the European Region


28-29 April 2008

Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey




The Public Health Department of Hacettepe University has expressed interest to be a WHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Development. Following discussions among the University and WHO, the terms of reference were jointly agreed and the application process has been initiated.

A working session among the staff of Public Health Department and WHO/EURO and HQ has been scheduled in order to develop the work plan in accordance with the terms of reference and plan the joint activities for 2008-2009.  This is expected to lead to a more effective collaboration.

Taking this opportunity, it is planned to bring all current and potential (application in progress) WHO collaborating centres on HRH in the European Region to initiate a network and map their activities in order to see how they are linked and contribute to overall WHO objectives. This meeting will also initiate joint planning and serve as an example for such processes.


The objectives of the workshop are: 

  1. to introduce the WHO CC framework/background to the participants
  2. to discuss the / network of the WHO CC on HRH in the European Region
  3. to discuss the steps, mechanisms and terms of reference for the establishment of  the new proposed CC at the Hacettepe University, Turkey
  4. to discuss and finalize the workplan/activities of WHO CC
  5. other issues

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